Ever Hear Of A Designated Driver?

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I’ve written before about the doctor from Oconomowoc (Mark Benson) who drove while intoxicated and killed and injured innocent victims.  The blogosphere has taken off with opinions about what should happen.   The former doctor’s photo and criminal case has been plastered over our TVs.  Because of the publicity he will hopefully get the prison time he deserves.
Not to be a pessimist here but what about the next “Mark Benson.”  Do we have the fortitude to stop ourselves?
I just read the latest Time mazagine and noticed on page 26 that “9% of U.S. adults” believe they have driven while over the legal blood-alcohol limit in the past month.   There was a recent article about this in the Journal Sentinel.  Wisconsin, of course, was among the leaders whose citizens drink and drive.
Take this advice.  If you spend the money to drink, spend the money for a cab ride home.  Spend some money calling a friend to pick you up.  Take the bus.  Walk!
It is events like these that force the issue.  Hopefully, people will think twice before joining the 9%.

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