Child Safety Seats Safe?

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You fly to Grandma’s house for Christmas with your kids.  With the increased prices of luggage these days you decide to NOT bring the kids’ safety seats.  You’ll just rent them.   It’s okay right?  These safety seats are safe?  They have to be safe.  If they weren’t safe the rental company wouldn’t allow the public to use them. 
Well, don’t assume anything. wrote about a family’s recent troubles with their rental child safety seats. 

“Some seats were obviously missing parts. Some were obviously very old,” she told “We installed two of the better looking seats thinking that they were okay only to find that they were not working.”

So, what can a family on the move do? recommends:

• Inspect each seat thoroughly for any evidence of cracking, twisting, worn harness webbing or broken buckles.
• Verify that seatbelts are threaded through the proper channels.
• Once you have latched the buckles, pull hard to make sure that they do not detach.
• Find the “birth date” label on the side or back of the seat, and don’t use a seat more than 5 years old.
• Get a copy of the car seat manual
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