Update On "Milwaukee's Crumbling Concrete"

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A while ago I wrote a post about the “Crumbling Concrete” of South East Wisconsin.  One concrete contractor sued Central Ready Mixed (owned by Prairie Material) and obtained a verdict of $1.1 million from a Waukesha County jury.  According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article:

Central Ready Mixed refused to disclose its “batch tickets,” the recipe from each load of concrete, claiming they contained proprietary information. The company eventually had to produce them as part of the discovery process in the lawsuit, and it was determined the formula contained too much water and not enough cement for this region.
More than a dozen affected customers testified about the flaking, scaling and crumbling top surfaces of their driveways, Schultz said.
“You could drive on them, but it was a nuisance and not what you paid for,” he said.

Thanks to Sara for the tip about this story!

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