Three Reasons to Act Sooner Rather Than Later

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In Wisconsin, the statute of limitations on most personal injury claims is three years. This means that you may have up to three years to file a lawsuit on your personal injury claim. However, this does not mean that you should sit on your claim for three years and wait to recover. There are several reasons why it makes sense to reach out to an attorney sooner, rather than later.  Here are three of these reasons:

Notice of Claim Required to Sue Cities, the State, or their Agencies

If you want to make a claim against a city, state, or the agencies of a city or state, the law requires you to satisfy Wisconsin Statute 893.80. This statute requires you to notify a public entity within one hundred and twenty (120) days from the time of the incident. If you do not notify that public entity, and if they do not have actual notice of a claim, then the law will bar your claim. This is why it is particularly important to act urgently when suing a public body.

The Closer You are to the Incident, the Fresher the Evidence

You hire a lawyer for their expertise in the law and their ability to get you the remedy you want and deserve, but common sense is also important. Being earnest and urgent in pursuing your case as quickly as possible is a common-sense situation.  As time passes, memory fades, and evidence gets stale.  While the common personal injury statute of limitation is three years in Wisconsin, the closer in time to the incident, the fresher the evidence will be. The fresher the evidence, the more persuasive it will be to a court or insurance company.

It’s Your Money, Why Let the Insurance Company or Anyone Else Hold on to it?

This is another reason that can be filed under the category of common sense.  The time-value of money allows you to do more with your money when you have it in your possession.  The longer someone else has your money, the less good it can do for you.  The sooner you talk to a lawyer to start a claim, the sooner you can get your settlement, and the sooner you can use your money.

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