Thou Shall Not Envy

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Thou Shall Not Envy
Massage Envy. Once the envy of all fast-food-like massage therapy chains, the company has come under fire in recent weeks as at least 180 sexual assaults have been reported. In the shadows of (taking a deep breath) Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Kevin Spacey, Oliver Stone, Charlie Rose, Louis C.K., Steven Segal, Sen. Al Franken, Dustin Hoffman, and Jeremy Piven (the guy who played an agent called “turtle” for some reason), it seems Massage Envy is just the latest in a long line of big names to be linked to sexual assault.
Unfortunately, while 180 assaults have been reported (to date), the sad truth is that more and more are expected to come forward. In a society where sexual assault is becoming commonplace, more brave victims are finally standing up, speaking out, and being heard. While Massage Envy is certainly not the last major corporation to be rocked by such allegations, with locations in 49 states it has certainly brought the conversation out of Hollywood and into the homes of every family across the country. As the discussion deepens, we here at Groth Law Firm want to assure you that you are not alone.
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