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I read an article in the Oshkosh Northwestern recently that mentioned a few federal studies. One stated that Wisconsin led the nation in the number of adult residents who reported driving while under the influence.  This was a federal study from April of this year.  Old news but an important reminder that Wisconsin needs to change it drunk driving laws. 
I didn’t recall hearing about a 2006 study by the FBI that found Wisconsin had the sixth highest arrest rate for drunk drivers.   Also, Wisconsin had the fourth highest arrest rate for liquor law violations.
I’ve handled cases for many victims of drunk driving.  Just the other day I spoke with a client that was struck by a drunk driver whose blood alcohol contect was .314 (I think that is pretty close to alcohol poisoning and death).   That drunk driver has at least one other drunk driving arrest. 
If you are the victim of drunk driving I’d like to help.  At the very least I’d appreciate it if you’d contact your legislator and then email me.  I’d like to keep track of which legislators have been contacted by victims in their district.  The next time an important anti-drunk driving vote reaches Madison it’s important that the legislature is kept accountable!
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