It’s Our Party We Can Do What We Want

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Not really, Miley. At least not in Wisconsin. The MTV Music Awards this year were eye opening. I didn’t think that show would be the inspiration for a blog post.
In Wisconsin, if a minor is served alcohol by an adult and gets into a car, crashes it and causes injuries or property damage it’s not just an “accident” and an “oops.” It is a serious matter where multiple parties, kids and adults, can be held responsible and pay the consequences.
Simply looking at the child’s actions isn’t enough. The adults throwing the party can not just “do what they want” in this situation.
In Wisconsin, negligent supervision and possibly Dram Shop responsibility must be researched. For example, Wisconsin law forbids adults from knowingly allowing the illegal consumption of alcohol beverages by underage individuals, so long as the individuals are under the adult’s control or are on premises owned by the adult. The need for responsible behavior from both kids and adults goes beyond alcohol related incidents. It is also important to be responsible with phone use and driving privileges.
When you live in society everyone needs to live by the rules.
You need to stop texting, stop driving while buzzed or drunk, stop driving recklessly, and stop for pedestrians.
If someone “can’t stop” and “won’t stop” doing these things and their actions result in a crash, please contact our law firm.
In Wisconsin, “This is OUR house … This is OUR rules.” Let’s all be responsible and obey the rules of the road. Doing so will help keep our community safe.

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