Is there a Case?

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When taking calls from prospective clients, one of the questions that almost always comes up in some way, shape, or form is “Do I have a case?”
First, it doesn’t hurt to call (414-375-2030) and check. Don’t forget it’s a free consultation on cases, and you should feel free to call if there is any doubt.
In general: There’s a case if you have been injured because of someone else. The law protects individual rights. Much of the law, criminal or civil, focuses on defining what rights you have and what happens when someone else violates those rights. Not to get too academic, but that’s just the basics.
One of these rights is the right to be free from bodily harm. It is a pretty basic right. You should not have to have pain or injury inflicted on you. If you are harmed by someone else, either intentionally or by a negligent action, then you may recover for your injury against them.  That’s why people have insurance – to protect themselves from civil liability.
There are a number of instances where this could happen. Someone could willfully assault and batter you, you could slip and fall on an unsafe surface, you could have something fall on you, or you could be in a motor vehicle collision. When it boils down to it, if you are injured by someone or something else, you could have a case, and you should talk to an attorney.  It can’t hurt to get expert advice.

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