Watch out for Dangerous Intersections in Milwaukee

In May 2018, the Journal Sentinel published an article online (read the full text here) detailing the twelve top crash-prone …

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car accident lawyer in Wisconsin

Damages for Drunk Driving Crashes in Wisconsin

It is not uncommon for the evening news to feature a devastating story about someone seriously injured, or even killed, …

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dog bite lawyer in Wisconsin

Dog Bites in Wisconsin

Dogs are one of the most common household pets in Wisconsin. While many owners train their dogs to be obedient …

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personal injury lawyer in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Crosswalk Laws in Wisconsin

Over the years, it has become increasingly dangerous to cross the streets of Wisconsin even where there are marked crosswalks. …

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car accident lawyer in Milwaukee Wisconsin

The Consequences of Texting and Driving in Wisconsin

Cell phones have become an integral part of our everyday lives. Over the years, cell phones have transformed from devices …

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personal injury lawyer in Milwaukee Wisconsin

How To Choose The Right Personal Injury Attorney

Being involved in an auto accident is stressful. Motor vehicle crashes oftentimes leave people injured, without a vehicle and unable …

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civil litigation lawyer in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Civil Litigation Overview

If you are a party in a lawsuit, the process can seem both scary and overwhelming. Most people have never …

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dui lawyer in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Drunk Driving Consequences

These days, more than ever, there is no excuse for drunken driving. With the ever-increasing, affordable, ride-sharing services like Lyft …

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Personal Injury Lawyer WI

Statute of Limitations: What It Is and Why It Is Important

Many people have heard the term “statute of limitations,” but do not quite know what it means or why it …

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Car Accident Lawyer WI

Hit and Run Crashes in Wisconsin

All too often, we hear from victims seriously injured in hit and run type accidents. A “hit and run” accident …

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