What were we doing four years ago?

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Leap year 2024. Here we are. This reminds me of leap year 2020. You know, what were we doing four years ago? I remember something pretty significant four years ago. We were talking with and then ultimately came to an agreement and purchased the law firm of Samster, Konkel and Safran. That was four years ago already. And here we are, you know, we have, another division in our law firm because of all of Jerry Konkel’s hard work creating the vaccine practice.

And luckily with Jerry’s guidance and our, our staff’s assistance, we’re able to make a really successful, vaccine division here at Groth Law Firm. And certainly with his other experiences really helped us, you know, a, rising tide raises all the ships. We’re very thankful that these past four years, we were lucky enough to be introduced to and come together with Samster Konkel and Safran.

Boy, it’s been a wild ride these four years, but that’s what I remember back from the last sleep year, four years ago.


What significant moments do you remember from your last leap year?! #leapyear #vaccine #memorylane

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