Valsartan Contamination: Causing Liver Injuries and Cancer

Blood pressure and heart issues are nothing new to America’s aging population. For many, the promise of a happy life in retirement, semi-retirement, or working into their Golden Years is the fact that they can maintain relatively good health and enjoy the fruits of their labor while being able to be reasonably active. For many, this relatively mobility and freedom of choice to live an active life depend on trusted institutions such as the American health care system and doctors being able to prescribe the medications that will keep older people healthy. 

One of the key ingredients of these important medications is valsartan. However, medications that contained valsartan have been recalled by just some of the companies listed below due to the possible contamination at their plants in China and India respectively which have the potential of negatively impacting millions of Americans and others. Companies who engaged in this recall are Actavis, A-S Medication Solutions, AvKARE, Bryant Rank Prepack, Camber Pharmaceuticals, Hetero Labs, Inc., HJ Harkins Company, Major Pharmaceuticals, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, Northwind Pharmaceuticals, NuCare Pharmaceuticals, Preferred Pharmaceuticals, Prinston Pharmaceutical, RemedyRepack Inc., Solco Healthcare, Teva Pharmaceuticals, and Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited just to name a few. If you believe you received valsartan from any of these companies or the box containing your medication indicates so, you should call your physician immediately.

What is valsartan and what happens if my valsartan medication was contaminated with NDMA?

Valsartan is used primarily to treat hypertension (elevated blood pressure), heart attacks that happened recently, and heart failure. Usually, medications that contain valsartan are safe to consume and perform their function reliably and safely for many Americans who rely on it for improved heart health. However, when this medication is contaminated, it can cause potentially deadly results and worsen the outlook of a patient’s future instead of bettering it.

Batches of valsartan produced by some Chinese and Indian companies are not completely safe and are known to have been contaminated by N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA). This known carcinogen is not new to the medical scene and has been linked to possible cancer deaths in those taking Zantac 150 which contained much more than the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) recommended amount of NDMA. 

What are the potential symptoms and effects of exposure to NDMA as a result of contaminated valsartan medication? 

There are both important short and long-term consequences of exposure to NDMA through valsartan. Symptoms any potential victim should be aware of are abdominal cramps, nausea, fever, jaundice, vomiting, reduced function of kidneys, liver, and lungs, and dizziness.  If you feel any of these symptoms, you could consult a physician as soon as possible to begin any necessary course of treatment.

Short term exposure to NDMA can cause liver damage while long term exposure can increase the occurrence of or cause liver, kidney, and lung tumors among other cancerous growths. In some cases, liver damage can develop into much more serious ailments requiring intense medical treatment and cancerous growths can metastasize, spreading cancer throughout the body. 

How did authorities discover contamination and what have manufacturers done to stem the flow of valsartan contaminated with NDMA? 

Around 3 million Americans take medications which include valsartan every year, a not insubstantial number that may be slated to grow over time. In 2018, the FDA stated that some companies were issuing recalls of drugs that contained valsartan due to the potential for contamination. It is important to note that the name brand drugs were not implicated in the contamination. 

However, the recall continued and expanded throughout 2018 which would include 11 U.S.-based drug makers. This demonstrates how pervasive the drug was throughout the market in the United States and how many potential patients prescribed valsartan contaminated with NDMA could have fallen victim to short or long-term health complications creating further health risks in addition to potential negative interactions with other prescription or over the counter medications.

What kind of claim can I file based on the NDMA contamination of valsartan?

There are generally two types of claims available to those who have interacted with valsartan that have been contaminated by NDMA.

The first is a personal injury lawsuit that can help you recover losses you sustained as a result of consuming valsartan contaminated with NDMA. Damages you can recover include medical expenses (both past and future), pain and suffering, loss of wage or earnings, punitive damages and any other economic loss. Additionally, if your loved one died as a result of an illness contracted due to their consumption of valsartan contaminated by NDMA, you are likely entitled to file a wrongful death suit for all of the costs and damages you are entitled to.

The second is as part of a class-action lawsuit which can help you recover the money you spent buying valsartan contaminated with NDMA. This type of lawsuit usually has a lower amount of damages you can claim but is sometimes less onerous given that the theory presented is you would not have bought the product had you known it was contaminated.

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