So who are you and why am I here?

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I just came from a meeting with a new client.  She was referred to me by another attorney.  Can you guess what question she asked me?  I ‘m asked “who are you and why am I here” frequently.  I’m honored to be the recipient of referrals from Doctors, Attorneys and others across Wisconsin.  I’m oftentimes referred clients when another attorney doesn’t feel comfortable handling a certain litigation case, has a conflict or wants me as co-counsel to handle specific trial work. 
This brings me to the client’s question.  My response is simply; this is all I do.  When you have a broken bone and need surgery you go to an orthopaedic Doctor not a rheumatologist.  In the law when someone is involved in a motor vehicle collision, premises liability, product liability or other serious injury matter they come to a personal injury attorney.  That is all I do.  Because I concentrate on one portion of the law I am up to date and on top of the latest in the field.
Jon Groth is a Wisconsin Personal Injury Attorney handling cases throughout Wisconsin and most recently in Racine, Janesville, Marinette and Wauwatosa.

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