Wisconsin Dump Truck Accidents

As children, many of us develop a fascination with dump trucks as wonderful toys and ways to play and imagine. We often believe products that we use as children to create an idealized fantasy world are completely safe as adults which lull us into a false sense of security. For better or worse, we take the best view of trucks. However, tragically, that is not always the case. Like any product operated by humans, it is subject to the same error-prone accidents that other products are. 

Recently, a dump truck and car collided while they were both on the road causing a crash with one fatality. In this case, the driver of the car crossed a lane and struck the truck while it was being operated by a driver. In another crash last year, there was a 9-year-old victim of a crash with a dump truck operated by a city employee. As Wisconsin residents can see, these machines can quickly go from child’s plaything to deadly implement. 

When you are a victim of a dump truck accident what can you do?

If you are the victim of a dump truck or commercial trucking accident, you should immediately contact a Wisconsin truck accident lawyer. Immediately after the accident, you should contact 911 and do not admit fault as Wisconsin is an “at fault” state. A lawyer can help you determine the strength of your claim and the number of your damages. Additionally, an experienced Wisconsin dump truck accident lawyer can work to ensure that you preserve the evidence through taking photos and videos at the crash site, identifying witnesses who can help buttress your case, obtaining accident reports from police and other law enforcement authorities, procuring medical records, and gathering other important pieces of evidence. 

Who can potentially be liable for my injuries in a dump truck accident?

After your dump truck accident, there are many people or organizations that can be liable for the accident that caused your damages. From the truck driver to the insurance company to the owner of the dump truck, there may be no clear defendant. Only an experienced dump truck accident attorney can parse who is legally responsible and work to get you the money you deserve for the damages you’ve suffered. 

How are dump truck accidents caused?

Dump truck accidents in Wisconsin are often caused like many other accidents but, due to the size of the vehicles, their impact can be disproportionate to other crashes you may see on the road. 

One common cause of these accidents is driver error whether the driver did not check the blind spot in the truck, made too wide of a turn, drove aggressively, texting while driving, or made another error, these actions all directly contribute or cause driver error. Another cause is driver impairment which can be a consequence of alcohol, substance, or narcotic abuse causing a driver to make erroneous judgments. Finally, in a rushed world, driver fatigue may be a contributing factor as more companies and employers push drivers to do much more in less time leading to fatigue which can cloud their decision making. 

Another cause that does not involve driver error is mechanical failures or defective parts attributable to the manufacturer or improperly loaded cargo which can upset the balance each driver depends on.

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