Why did I choose Personal Injury as my focus?

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Why did I choose Personal Injury as my focus? Well, I’ll go back in time to when I was a law student. I clerked for a firm in Chicago and their focus was only Personal Injury. I was just fascinated by that. Number one, helping people. You’re not helping corporations. You’re not helping, adjusters. You’re helping people who are, you in immediate, trauma have immediate needs and they need some guidance and that guidance is what I like to work with.

I like to strategize and help clients know, what their choices are and what decisions they that we can help them make now and how that’s going to affect their rights, their life, six months or a year from now. And then trials. I happen to like going to trial. It’s really enjoyable for me to have that presentation in front of a jury when it’s all on the line.

You know, maybe I’m a little bit different that way, but I really enjoy advocating for clients, the strategy and advocating for clients at trial.

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