What happens when you have a family who’s involved in a car crash?

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Another good question, what happens when you have a family who’s involved in a car crash? Let’s say you have a minivan, and you have, you know, dad, mom, and, son and daughter. Are they all one case? Are they separate cases? Well, they’re all separate cases. Every person has their independent claim against the at fault party.

So the daughter, for example, if she only goes to the doctor once, has an ER checkup, You can submit that case to the insurance company and settle it maybe a year before if somebody else, if the, if the brother, for example, maybe has a broken leg and is still treating for a year, you can settle the daughter’s claim and then settle the son’s claim later on.

That’s pretty. Pretty standard it happens pretty frequently that some people are more injured than others and you can settle their claims independent of each other it gets more complex when there’s different limits of insurance maybe it’s a single limit policy or there’s a split limit policy and then some contributory negligence by different people so you try to maximize what?

Every individual person should be getting. That gets more complex and that’s something we won’t talk about today. But, certainly the general question, are they independent claims? Yes, you can have different attorneys for each person. You could have one attorney, depending on how the accident happened.

You could have one attorney for the entire family. But they are all independent claims.


Frequently asked questions. Yes they are all seperate cases. #faq #carcrash #accident #lawyertok

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