What do you know about Maritime Law?

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What do you know about Maritime Law? That’s going to be the question that a lot of people have for lots of lawyers across the nation as we react to the key bridge collapse. You know, this cargo ship, what, maybe there was an explosion, some failure, and it, ran into the bridge and just destroyed the bridge.

As you can see, I’ve watched so many videos about this. It’s just shocking that this could happen. And in one of our biggest ports, right? this is just unbelievable. The loss of life that occurred and if there is a silver lining, I guess a lucky part of this is it occurred at night versus during rush hour, maybe, but just a loss of life is horrific.

What do you do? This is Maritime Law. Is it something where you have to go through federal court because you’re going through maybe the Hague or different treaties because it’s a foreign vessel? Boy, lots and lots of questions. All I can say at this point is we have to have our thoughts and prayers with the families of the deceased and we’ve had these situations in the Great Lakes too, but it’s just shocking when you get to see the video itself.


Our hearts and prayers go out to the victims of the Francis Scott Key bridge catastrophe 🙏 #baltimorebridge #francisscottkey #collision #shipwreck #maritime #ship

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