Remarkable Life-Changing Cases

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Really one of the more life changing cases that I worked on, I had the real blessing, the ability to deliver a check to a client for well over a million dollars. It was life changing for them, what they were able to do because the victim had some pretty serious horrific injuries, they were able to move and go number one to a warmer climate, and get a home that they purchased that was, more accessible for this victim. So the person was able to really live the rest of this person’s life in a better, manner. I’m trying to be very vague because this was a confidential settlement, so I can’t say too much.

But it was really life changing for them. And I’ve seen the pictures, you know, they’ve sent me pictures we’ve kept in touch over the years, of the house and the land that they purchased. It’s really heartwarming for me because I know that where they were and where they are was so different and so much better.

And this is a case where money did help them. It did help them change their life for hopefully the better and for the rest of not only their life, but their family, because they have younger kids too that they’re taking care of. So that was one situation that, We worked for years and years and traveled, I don’t know, all over the state doing depositions.

We had a good number of experts for liability and for damages and to know that all that work paid off and the victim, the client was able to change their life because of the money that we got for them just makes me so happy.


Such a life changing, memorable win for both our client and us. Happy to have been a part of this moment with them 🙏 #trailwin #lifechanging #memorable #grothgetsit

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