How about my least favorite outcome?

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How about my least favorite outcome? And this is one that really is upsetting. So an insurance agent can come and say, Hey, I think I’m going to get you a good policy of insurance to protect you. And all they have to sell you is 25, 000 dollars. So you really need to understand what your coverage is. This is a case where we have a client who literally has over a million dollars in medical expenses.

And the only insurance out there is a 25, 000 dollars policy. That’s horrific, just horrific. You know, somebody who suffered that much had all kinds of surgeries, all kinds of treatment, and will have lifelong problems. And sadly, they’re probably going to be getting health insurance through the state or Medicare for the rest of their life.

So, everybody else is paying for their care because the at fault driver didn’t have insurance, the at fault driver is going to be filing for bankruptcy probably, and the only insurance that our client has is is uninsured motorist coverage to the tune of 25, 000 dollars. It’s not fair, but, that’s what we have to deal with on really a day by day basis.

We hear this all the time, that’s my memorable case that I can discuss what the point of that story is. The moral of the story is talk to your insurance agent and get more coverage, especially uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. If you can get an umbrella policy on top of that too, that ties into your uninsured or underinsured, that’s really the way you’ve got to go.


Memorable mondays with one of my least favorite outcomes involving drivers with little to no insurance coverage. 😓 #insurance #leastfavorite #underinsured #grothgetsit #accidents #medicare #bankruptcy

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