Advice for new lawyers and law students

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If you’re a new lawyer or a law student and you’re wondering how do I prepare for or what do I do to handle a high stakes or a really complex civil litigation matter, I have some advice for you. The number one thing you can do as a new lawyer is use what you have, and that’s time. You have, right now more time than you’ll ever have again in your life.

You can use this time to devote to really understand what’s going on. So over research. Understand what’s happening. Look at every single aspect of the case to fully understand it and then research other lawyers that may have cases similar to yours. There are many times that I would go and visit somebody else’s trial.

I was lucky enough to have a network of people that they were looking out for me too, and they said, Hey, there’s a case kind of like yours that’s going to trial in a month. And I put it on my calendar and I stopped by the trial and watched it and then talked to the attorney who was handling that case and got some ideas.

Those are ways you can do it. Certainly whenever you’re getting ready for a complex kind of case, over preparation, preparing, getting your, your ducks in a row per se is really important because you won’t feel as stressed when you are prepared.

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