Worker's Compensation in IL

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I receive a bunch of worker’s compensation questions.  I don’t handle 1st party worker’s compensation cases.  I do handle 3rd party claims.  
For example, if you are injured at work after falling over a couple cords that a co-worker left on the ground – that is a 1st party claim.  If you are injured at work because a worker from a entirely different company dropped a hammer on your arm – that is a 3rd party claim.   (I actually handled a claim similar to the case…my client was lucky the hammer didn’t hit him in the head). 
Anyway, there are a bunch of sites out there with good info about the worker’s compensation law.  I’m lucky to have some good friends in Illinois who update me on their worker’s compensation law.  
Today I found a blog that discusses Illinois’ workers compensation laws. 
Check it out here.

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