Why Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

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I think personal injury attorneys are asked this question more than any other.  It’s a legitimate question.  Injury attorneys in Wisconsin usually charge a contingent fee of 1/3 of the settlement or verdict in addition to costs.  Why hire a plummer if you can fix your leaky faucet yourself?
Surprisingly, Allstate Insurance has helped answer the question.  Allstate’s own website states “represented claims settle for 2-3 times more than unrepresented claims.”  (See page C000011298).   Allstate goes on to urge their adjuster to convince injured victims to NOT hire an attorney.
Why do represented victims of car accidents, motorcycle accidents or other personal injury matters recover more than unrepresented victims?  I’d like to this because personal injury attorneys know the law and won’t leave any stone unturned.  The right Personal Injury Attorney will make sure that the injured person receives the compensation they are due.  Take a look at my earlier comments about what a case is worth.
Kudos to Illinois Attorney Howard Zimmerle for finding this information.
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