Who Goes Where?

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This is more of a “For Your Information” post. 
I travel almost everwhere in Wisconsin for my clients.  If you check out PKS’s website you’ll see that we’ve handled cases in almost every county in Wisconsin.  So, if a client is located in Marinette will they have to drive to Milwaukee to meet with me?  NO.  If necessary I’ll be on the road to meet in Marinette. 
In most situations the case can be handled over the phone.  For example, I’m handling cases for a number of people in Chicago and a few in Florida.  I don’t fly to Florida or take the train to Chicago to meet with them.  The phone and email work just fine. 
Don’t worry about where in Wisconsin you happen to live or happen to have been injured.  If it is important to meet at the scene of the incident I’ll be there.  

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