What To Do If You’ve Been Bitten By a Dog

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It’s important to know what steps to take if you are the victim of a dog bite. Ideally everyone would like to prevent dog bites, but sometimes these events are out of your control.
The most crucial first step is to identify the dog that bit you. Locate where it came from, what its name is, or who it belongs to. If it’s a stray, you may have to get rabies shots.
Get away from the dog and find a safe place to rinse off the wound. Elevate it if possible, then seek medical attention. After you’ve been properly treated, you can file a bite report and document your case, especially if you know who owns the dog. Paper trails are important, since the dog who bit you may have had other victims, or might in the future. Gather information about the owner, and photograph your wounds. Keep a journal about the information you find out and how you feel. Then, contact a trusted dog bite attorney in your area to help with your case.
Dog bites can be traumatic events, and you can be compensated for injuries and mental suffering. Don’t hesitate to call.

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