Unsafe Car Parts from China

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Is there any good news about products coming from China these days?  The New York Times writes about a few serious safety problems found in auto parts manufactured in China:

Child restraints that may come apart in an impact. Fuses that could catch fire when overloaded. Tires susceptible to tread separation.

A consumer safety organization, the Center for Auto Safety, has a whole page dedicated to recent recalls of products made in China.
This next quote really concerns me.  Like many others I tend to believe that some Chinese manufacturers don’t really look to the long term.  They are only concerned about short term profits.
The executive director of the Center for Auto Safety:

said his review convinces him that too many Chinese companies are unfamiliar with — or don’t care about — safety standards in the United States and thus don’t meet them.

Be sure to check out the recent recalls when you get a chance.
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