Uber Nation – Passenger’s Perspective

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We’ve talked about a car crash from the perspective of the Uber driver.  What about a passenger?

Uber Passenger Injury Lawyer
Uber Passenger Injury Claims

First, I can tell you from experience with our recent clients that Uber will question whether you were in an Uber car or an Uber look a like.  In one recent instance it took weeks for confirmation from Uber that the driver was, in fact, an Uber driver.  Our client did not book the fair with Uber, his friend did.  We had to work with multiple parties, not involved, to get proof to Uber that the driver was an Uber driver and insured.
In some instances, the police will obtain the wrong insurance for the Uber driver.  Like we said previously, a personal auto line of insurance will most likely have an exclusion for “drivers for hire.”  This does not mean you don’t ask.  Certainly check to see where compensation can be obtained.  Especially in claims where medical bills can exceed any limit of insurance.
If you are injured always call the police and make sure you inform them that you were involved in a crash and give identifiable information for the cars involved.  If you called 911 please tell your attorney immediately of the call.  These 911 calls can be obtained with a FOIA request and many times have lots of useful information.
If you don’t tell the police and wait to make a claim for injuries be aware that Uber’s insurance will question most everything you do.  Witnesses are necessary – so write down who saw you get into the vehicle and leave the vehicle, where you were picked up and where you were ultimately taken.
All in all, we have heard fewer claims for passengers than for drivers of Uber vehicles. Let’s hope this continues to be the case.  Drive Safe!

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