Technology to Fight Texting While Driving in Wisconsin

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If you haven’t seen the billboards or the news articles or the flyers from insurance companies let me remind you that texting while driving is dangerous.  A bit of an understatement, I know.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation texting while driving was linked to at least 24,000 injures and almost 1,000 deaths in car crashes last year.  In my opinion these numbers are probably low.  I can speak from experience that it often takes an attorney to prove that the at fault driver in an auto accidents was texting or on a cell phone.
According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel an inventor from New Berlin, Wisconsin has built a prototype device that will block texting and phone use while a car or truck is in gear.  When the truck or car comes to a stop the system allows the phone to work again.
You can read more about this device and the New Berlin, Wisconsin inventor, John Looby at

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