Settle Whenever You Want?

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Recently, we have been asked about the timing of a settlement. “Can you settle whenever you want?” Technically, yes. As long as an injured party is within the 3-year statute of limitations (for auto crashes or slip and falls, NOT against a governmental entity) you have the ability to settle whenever you want to. But why leave money “off the table?” If you need to settle “right now” and just can’t wait, that gives the insurance company a hint that they can leave value “off the table”. Thus, they will offer less than the full compensation an injured party deserves. As the victim why would you want to be victimized a second time?
Injury attorneys can do a lot to help. Our advice and analysis about strategy are our greatest asset. Be sure to really understand what it means to settle prior to signing a full release of all claims. Once you sign that release, you will not be eligible to make additional claims or receive further compensation for that particular incident. This is true even if your injuries get worse or new complications arise. This is why it is beneficial to fully assess and understand your injuries before settling.
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