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In personal injury law once a lawsuit is filed time seems to slow to a crawl.  In Wisconsin, defendants have 45 days to answer, judges can often take as long as they want to call a hearing to set the schedule of the case.  Once the scheduling hearing comes along the deadlines set may be a year away. 
There is little that a plaintiff can control concerning a lawsuit’s timetable.  So, the things that a plaintiff’s attorney can control must be in the plaintiff’s best interest, i.e. move the case along. 
One quick, and relatively easy, way to speed up the process is to file the plaintiff’s witness list with the Summons and Complaint.  This can save up 60 or 90 days in the litigation process.  Also, serve your interrogatories and requests for production of documents with the Summons and Complaint.   The sooner the plaintiff has important information about the defendant the sooner depositions can be taken and the sooner the trial will come.
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