Personal Injury Paparazzi?

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It sounds kind of weird, doesn’t it?  Why have a professional photographer take pictures of a personal injury victim?   Well, in every case that involves scars, permanent bruises or disability the at fault insurance company asks for pictures to evaluate the claim.
Why not have the injured victim just meet with the at fault adjuster? Many times the adjuster is in some far off office, hours from injured victim.  Usually, insurance companies have “round table” discussions about these types of injuries.  This means that a bunch of adjusters will get together one day and pass around photographs of scars, permanent bruises etc. and give their opinion of the “value” a jury would award for the injury.  That is how at fault adjusters come around to offering a personal injury settlement.
So, back to the professional photographer.  An injured party needs to have pictures that truly represent the injuries.  Just as if they were standing there in the conference room with the adjusters “round tabling” the claim.
Don’t get me wrong, nowadays many digital cameras will do a great job and take quality pictures.  But, in order to give the at fault adjuster as true a representation of the injuries I’d recommend a professional photographer.

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