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AKA Chad Johnson of the Bengals.  Mr. Ocho Cinco has changed his name from Chad Johnson to Chad Ocho Cinco. So what does this have to do with Personal Injury law in Wisconsin?
Simply put, trust but verify.  I’ve had a great number of clients that came to me because the at fault driver fled the scene, didn’t give any insurance information or lied about who was driving the car.  So, what happens if someone doesn’t appear to be completely honest at the scene of an accident (i.e. when you exchange information gives you the name Chad Ocho Cinco)?
The key is to take as much information as possible.  First call the Police.  Then get their address, license number, remember what they look like and don’t be afraid to take a picture of the accident scene with your cell camera.  Also, don’t forget to ask for their mobile phone number!  A mobile phone number can be useful in determining if the at fault driver was distracted at the time of the collision.
It’s sad but true.  Nowadays you can’t trust that anyone is giving you the right information.  I have a lot of experience tracking down people across the United States.  I’ll do what I can to help you too.
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