No Fee on P.D.?

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I was asked a few minutes ago about the fees I charge.  In general, personal injury lawyers get paid from a “bodily injury” settlement or verdict.
I should explain.  Insurance companies deal with two sides of an auto accident/motorcycle accident etc.  BI=Bodily Injury and PD=Property Damage.
Personal injury attorney’s fees are based on the recovery obtained for the client.  Because it is a percentage of the recovery, the more the attorney recovers for the client the more the attorney gets paid.  It’s the reason we’ll try as hard as possible to get as much as the law will allow.
We almost never charge a fee from the PD side of the case.  In general, be wary of the law firm that states they take a fee from BI and PD settlements.  In my opinion, a personal injury lawyer should take a fee from the property damage settlement only in the most unique and very rare situations.
So, if you are unlucky enough to get into a car accident, motorcycle accident or other personal injury be sure to interview lawyers and ask, “Fee on P.D.?”
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