Most Dangerous Roads (Follow Up)

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I wish I could tell you to avoid “such and such” road if you don’t want to become the victim in a personal injury matter.   Collisions can happen anywhere.  A few days ago I mentioned a discussion of the “most dangerous roads” in Wisconsin.  Well, I could not find that information.  I did find a report from the Department of Motor Vehicles discussing which types of roads are dangerous and when most crashes occur.  Email me if you’d like more info. 
 In 2006 the most injuries and fatalities occurred in May, June and July.  The most fatalities occurred in July. 
 I’d avoid driving around bar time in Wisconsin.  The most fatalities occur between 1am and 2am.   I’m not surprised (I handle a great number of perosonal injury cases where the victim was injured because of a drunk driver). 
The greatest number of collisions occured on Non-Intersection locations.  Almost three times as many fatalities occurred on Non-Intersections when compared to Intersections. 
As an FYI, there were approximately 16,450 motor vehicle collisions in Milwaukee County in 2006, 1096 in Sheboygan and 3,643 in Waukesha.   Marinette County had only 316 and Rock (Janesville and Beloit) had 1784.
The moral of the story:  Don’t drink and drive and be careful no matter where you are driving.

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