Insurance Required for Dangerous Dogs?

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Does that sound unreasonable?  Semi trucks are required to have a certain amount of insurance.  Why?  Because they are more likely to cause serious injuries.  I think it is pretty safe to guess that dangerous dogs are more likely to cause injuries.  Why else would they be classified as “Dangerous”?
The story comes from Omaha, Nebraska.  They propose that in order to obtain a license for a “dangerous”  or “potentially dangers” dog the owner must show proof of $100,000.00 in liability insurance. 
A “Dangerous Dog” is defined as:

an animal which attacks, snaps at, bites, or has a history of attacking a human being or domestic animal, one or more times, without provocation.

The city would enforce the law with fines.  If a dog owner violates the law three times in 24 months all pets must be turned over to animal control.
Interesting law.  Anyone hear of anything like this in Wisconsin?
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