Florida Bridge Tragedy

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The bridge collapse that occurred last Thursday has claimed six lives. The bridge collapsed around 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 15th. Although officials say there will be no more casualties, they are going through the rubble again to ensure that no one else is trapped beneath it.  A total of 950 tons of rubble were moved when in search of the six victims. That same day, engineers gathered together to discuss the structural integrity of the bridge just hours before the collapse.
This new structure was supposed to connect Florida International University campus to the bordering neighborhood. The collapse happened months before the completion of the bridge. The bridge was supposed to enhance safety, keeping pedestrians safe from traffic due to a previous incident involving a fatal crash and a FIU student last August.
The meeting held at 9:00 a.m. that Thursday, gathered together engineers including the people responsible for designing the bridge (FIGG). The meeting was held to discuss a crack that appeared on the structure due to an observation that was made two days before, that Tuesday.
The Tuesday before the collapse, a FIGG engineer called an FDOT employee to warn about “some cracking” on the structure of the bridge. The FDOT employee was out on an assignment that day and missed the call, and did not hear the voicemail that was left by the engineer W. Denney Pate until Friday, the day after the collapse. The voicemail left by Pate discussed the crack that was found on the structure and stated that it needed to be repaired, however, he said there were no safety concerns.
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