dog bite lawyer in Wisconsin

Dog Bites in Wisconsin

Dogs are one of the most common household pets in Wisconsin. While many owners train their dogs to be obedient …

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WI Dog Bite Attorney

Supervised Or Not: Do You Really Know

With the Warm Weather Comes Dog Bite Season It’s every parents fear: leaving their child in the care of someone …

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It's important that victims of serious animal attacks report the attack and hire an attorney to compensate your pain and loss.

Treatment After a Dog Bite

We’ve seen a great number of dog attacks in Milwaukee, Racine and West Allis.  I’m not sure whether it is …

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Wisconsin's New Dog Bite Law and Double Damages

Wisconsin has long held that if a dog has a history of “dangerous” behavior the owner will be liable for …

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More on Dog Bites and Homeowner's Insurance

Recently, I was walking my dog through my neighborhood, and a particularly fierce-looking doberman barked and barked at us as …

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What To Do If You Suffer A Dog Bite

In one of our past posts, we discussed Wisconsin’s Dog Bite Statute. Today, we will focus more on the practical …

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Double Damages for Dog Bite Cases

Wisconsin Dog Bite Attorney

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Milwaukee 3 Year Old Attacked By Dog

I don’t quite understand this story.  I get that the dog attacked the little 3 year old.  It sounds serious.  …

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Timely Payment of Claims

There are a ton of laws.  That may be the biggest understatement I’ve ever written. I mention this because it’s …

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Chippewa Falls Dog Attack

Wisconsin’s dog bite law in review.

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