Car Crash Statistics for Milwaukee County

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Getting in a car accident is serious business – even the smallest ones can ruin your day. From fender benders to high-impact collisions, car accidents almost always end in some kind of emotional or physical injury, not to mention the financial impact they also have.
Sadly, car accidents are an everyday occurrence all throughout Milwaukee county. From the bustling streets of the city to the more quiet neighborhoods, accidents are bound to happen. To better understand how prevalent car crashed are in Milwaukee County and the total impact they have on Milwaukee residents, we have gathered car crash data for the past six years to find common trends. Below is a summary of our findings. All of the data we used was obtained from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Milwaukee County Car Accidents by Year

What we found is that car crash incidents have been increasing steadily for the past five years. The only deviation in this trend occured in 2012, where there was a slight dip. Still, there was a big difference between 2010 and 2015. In 2010, there were only 19,700 car crashes, but that number has increased to just over 24,000 accidents in the year of 2015.

When we look only at crashes where injuries occurred, we see a slightly different trend from overall accidents. We actually saw a drop in injuries from 2010 in the years 2011-2012. However, since then injuries have increased substantially with there being a sharp increase in 2015. There were more than 1,000 more injuries reported in 2015 than they were in 2010.
Car crash fatalities didn’t follow a specific trend and were rather sporadic. However, we see that there was a significant increase in fatalities in 2015 when compared to the prior five years. This is a rather concerning trend and shows that there is still a lot of progress to be made with safe driving awareness.

Total Car Accidents Per Month in Milwaukee County

In this graph, we analyzed how many total car crashes took place in each month for the past 6 years. What we found is that most car crashes occur in January and December with the lowest amount of crashes occurring throughout March and April.
When we look specifically at crashes where injuries occurred, we see that these types of crashes were surprisingly low during the winter months and actually spiked during the Summer months of May through September, before dropping again in October.
Fatal car accidents were once again much more sporadic, with the majority of them occurring in May and July. The first few months of the year have relatively low fatalities before spiking in May. After July, the number of fatalities stabilizes to a rather consistent rate.

Total Car Accidents Per Day in Milwaukee County

Most car crashes take place during the weekdays with a slight spike on Friday. Interestingly, total car crash volume decreases during the weekends. Both Saturday and Sunday have substantially fewer accidents than any of the other days of the week.
When we look at car crashes where there were injuries, we see the exact same trend as total car crashes. Most injuries take place on Friday but drop significantly on Saturday and Sunday.
When we look strictly at crashes where deaths occurred, we see a reverse of total car crash trends. Most fatalities actually take place on Saturday and Sunday, even though fewer total crashes take place during those days.

Most Dangerous Holiday for Driving In Milwaukee

One interesting fact we found is that Halloween is the most dangerous holiday for car crashes, with over 400 accidents occurring in the last six years. Be sure to be extra vigilant this day and stay safe by watching for slow drivers following children and the children themselves!

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