ATV Rollover Accidents

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Tragedy struck near the new Foxconn construction site on October 12th, 2018. According to Mount Pleasant Police, a driver and a passenger were involved in an accident early Friday morning. The Mount Pleasant Police and the South Shore Fire Department responded to a report of an ATV crash near the Foxconn Technology Group construction area, on the 12500 block of Braun Road. Apparently, the caller was the passenger of the ATV and reported that his friend was unconscious at that time.
Unfortunately, and upon further investigation by the responding professionals, the driver of the ATV was pronounced dead. The passenger was transported to Ascension All Saints Hospital Emergency Room where, thankfully, he was seen for non-life-threatening injuries.
Although initial details were sparse, police believe that the driver may have ignored a road closed sign and crashed into a rocky ravine. It was also believed that alcohol may be a factor.
Horrific accidents like this one not only have an effect on the community at large, but they can have a dramatic impact on passengers, drivers, and any other victims. Individuals who are injured in similar crashes can sustain life-altering injuries that may be permanent in nature. Some of these injuries can take years to properly treat, and often necessitate continued care far beyond the day of the accident. Simple mistakes can have lasting impacts on a family, whether that is physical, financial, or even emotional.
Medical bills pile up quickly, and if your injuries prevent you from working, an accident can take a tremendous toll on you and your family. At the Groth Law Firm, we believe the only thing you should worry about after being involved in an accident is recovering. It’s our job to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf so that you are not bombarded by irritating calls from insurance adjusters. We collectively have decades of experience in handling property damage, injury cases, and making sure that you are not left with medical bills in the future.
Many injuries, especially if you are older, can have effects that last well into the future. If you require care in the future for injuries stemming from an accident, we will fight side by side with you to make sure you get every dollar from the insurance company. The insurance companies are in the business of minimizing claims, and they are not sympathetic to the severe stress accidents put on you and your family. The Groth Law Firm is in the exact opposite business. We make it our personal mission to maximize every claim for our clients. Whether it’s lost wages, future care, or reimbursement for damage to property, we have the skills, dedication, and proven track record that’s required to take care of our clients.
ATV and other recreational sport accidents have the potential for severe injuries, and unfortunately, death. Dissimilar to most commercial cars, recreational vehicles typically are not equipped with safety equipment such as seatbelts, airbags, and roll cages. As a result, injuries from these types of accidents have the propensity to be much more catastrophic. Additionally, ATV vehicles often give riders a false sense of security due to their ability to traverse different types of terrain. Alcohol is often a factor in these types of accidents because, unlike cars, ATV’s sole purpose is recreation, and they’re often driven while on vacation, or over the weekend. Although most people are familiar with how to operate a vehicle, many individuals have little to no experience in operating an ATV or other recreational vehicle. Further, they are often given the controls without proper safety instruction, and worse, without property safety gear such as a helmet.
The exposed nature of these vehicles also causes minor mechanical defects to have much more catastrophic outcomes. For instance, a flat tire on a car can often be a minor inconvenience, but a sudden, unexpected flat tire on an ATV has the potential for much more severe consequences.
Oftentimes, individuals will overload ATVs, either with equipment, people, or game that you’ve successfully hunted. This can create the potential for rollovers, or difficulty in breaking, and accelerating. Prior to using an ATV, you should familiarize yourself with the weight limits, and passenger limits. Many ATVs are designed exclusively for one passenger. In instances of reckless driving with more than one passenger, the results can be dire. Generally, the most common ATV accidents are caused by rollovers, and these rollovers can cause crushing-type injuries and even death.
The location you choose to drive your ATV can also have a serious impact on how safe your ride will be. ATVs are designed, primarily, for off-road driving. It’s right there in the name, “All-Terrain Vehicle.” Very often, ATV accidents occur when they are ridden on pavement or other surfaces that they are not necessarily designed to operate on.
Due to their recreational nature, ATVs can be seen only as toys, and not the serious vehicles they are. ATVs are responsible for tens of thousands of injuries, and even deaths. Drivers and riders alike are strongly encouraged to approach these vehicles with the respect they require to be enjoyed safely.
ATVs are an enjoyable way to navigate some of Wisconsin’s more treacherous terrain, and when used safely, are fun for a variety of ages. Helmets, proper lighting, an understanding of the area you’ll be driving on, safety training, all help ensure that an ATV trip starts and ends without injury.
Even with safe operation, accidents and injuries happen. Especially given the colder weather and snowy conditions, drivers should exercise even greater than usual caution while using our roadways. While using an ATV, make sure you familiarize yourself with not only its operation, but any limits on riders, weight, or terrain. Ensuring that you are prepared can help avoid potentially disastrous consequences and injuries. Further, properly adhering to any road signs, and cautions can be the difference between a safe weekend, and an accident. Planning out your route ahead of time may take some time away from your ride, but it also might save your life.

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