Move Over Laws in Wisconsin

While deaths on Wisconsin roads declined slightly in 2018 compared to the previous two years, many deaths still occur each …

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Pedestrian Accident Lawyer WI

Crosswalk Laws in Wisconsin

Over the years, it has become increasingly dangerous to cross the streets of Wisconsin even where there are marked crosswalks. …

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Personal Injury Lawyers WI

Five Common Mistakes People Make After a Car Accident

Being injured in a car accident causes all sorts of stress, including physical, emotional, and financial stress. Most people want …

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Auto Accident Lawyers WI

“Dangerous Dozen”: The Most Crash-Prone Intersections in the Milwaukee Area

While motor vehicle crashes can (and do) happen almost anywhere, there are several intersections in the Milwaukee area that tend …

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Personal Injury Lawyer WI

How Much Is My Case Worth?

One of the most commonly asked questions by clients of personal injury attorneys is, “How much is my case worth?” …

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Auto Accident Lawyer WI

Auto Insurance in Wisconsin: What Is Covered and Why It’s Important

The Wisconsin Financial Responsibility Law requires all drivers to have an auto insurance policy in force. Unfortunately, many people do …

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Five Things to Do to Preserve Your Claim in a Premises Liability Case

In our practice, we speak with many individuals who have been injured because they slipped and fell or tripped and …

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The Truth About Phantom Vehicles

Most often when people think of auto accidents, they imagine a physical crash between two or more vehicles. Sometimes, however, …

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Governmental Immunity

Government bodies and municipalities in the state of Wisconsin enjoy various immunities and protections from lawsuits. Wisconsin Statute Section 893.80 …

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Insurance Coverage and Driving for Hire Uber and Lyft

In the past few years, rideshare apps have been gaining massive popularity and becoming the preferred transportation choice when compared …

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