If your car gets stolen

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Your car gets stolen what do you do next? This is personal for us because we had a car stolen out of our driveway not too long ago. The first thing you need to do is call the police and file a police report your insurance isn’t going to do anything unless there’s a police report available. The second thing you should do is immediately document anything you had in the vehicle what might have been stolen along with the car. The third you should do is change any locks if you had keys in the car or if you have a garage door opener and there’s a code, change that code, maybe neighbors have information on their ring doorbells or on their video security systems about what happened at the time of the theft the last things is just the simply be thorough and be cooperative so get whatever information you can to the police, get whatever information you can to your insurance company to make sure that whoever is responsible for this hopefully is caught and that they are going to pay for any damages caused or talking to your insurance and make sure that your insurance compensates you for all the losses that you suffered.

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