Groth Law Firm’s 14th anniversary

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We opened our doors in March of 2010. I remember way back and what my first day was, you know, I didn’t really open a door. I went down to our basement and that’s where our office was. It was, I think it was an Ikea desk that was pushed against the block wall. And I’m looking at the block wall. My kids are running overhead.

Our dog was running overhead. I’m trying to make phone calls. And doing all that from our basement. It’s a lot different then than it is now, certainly. Back then, it was just me. You know, luckily I had my wife, who was the best support I could ever ask for, and maybe my kids were supportive. They were pretty young back then, and then friends and family who were helpful, and certainly very supportive.

But when it comes to staff, it was my wife and myself who were the staff of Groth Law Firm. And now, we have staff who are, in various states, all across Wisconsin. We have a number of locations in Green Bay, Brookfield, Wauwatosa, Milwaukee, and we’ve grown to acquire other law firms, right? I mean, we acquired Samster Konkel and Safran a couple years ago.

So, we’ve really grown a lot these past 14 years, but thank you everyone for those anniversary wishes for our 14th year in business.


Thank you everyone for helping to make our firm what it is today 🙏 #anniversary #memories #startedfromthebottom

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